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(This post should also be sub-titled: Development Back to Basics)

I was working on a WCF project the other day, trying to resolve some minor behavior anomalies.  As I often do, I made some code changes, re-compiled, and de-deployed binaries to IIS6, where this particular WCF service was being hosted.

Having done this numerous times in the past, I was quite surprised to see a ServiceActivationException:  "The Service Type could not be found... yadda yadda."  Uhhh, what?  It's right there!

Scenario:  Me, Visual Studio 2005 running on Windows Server 2003.  Deployed:  Clean, production-quality Windows Server 2003, .net 2.0 & .net 3.0.  That's it.

I start digging.  Somewhere along the way, I come under the suspicion that dependent assemblies are missing, so I use the most excellent Process Monitor to monitor w3wp.exe for file load failures.  (Later, I learn that I think I could have used the Fusion Log Viewer, but Process Monitor worked in this case regardless).  I find something interesting:

The w3wp.exe fails to load two dependent assemblies: VJSharpCodeProvider, and CPPCodeProvider.

Question:  "Why is my assembly trying to load code providers for J# and C++ when I have clearly written it in C#?"

I racked my brain as to what could have changed in my solution to cause it to be referencing these assemblies.  I mean, I checked EVERYTHING, and came up with nada.

After staring at the IDE for literally hours (ok, maybe not continuously), I glanced at the build configuration.  The word 'Debug' stared back at me.  Could it be?

I recompiled as Release, re-deployed, and voilá!   It worked!

As many years as I've been compiling code, you'd think I wouldn't make a silly mistake like this, but it just goes to show you that it's always a good refresher to to get back to basics.

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